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Charity/Support Raffle Winners

For the Charity/Support Raffle was conducted on May 14th, 2024. Thank you to everyone who supported this year's raffle.

The following are the winners of this year's raffle:

1st Prize: $1000.00

Christine Wood - South Amboy

2nd Prize: $750.00

Christina Gisondi - Our Lady of Victory

3rd Prize: $500.00

Glenn D Christensen - Our Lady of Peace - Ford

4th Prize: $250.00

Laura Person - St. John the Apostle

5th Prize: $100.00

Eileen Pitzer - Our Lady of Peace - NB

6th Prize: $100.00

Lynn Balwicz - Our Lady of Victory

7th Prize: $75.00

Thomas Suchcicki - South Amboy

8th Prize: $75.00

St. Francis Auxiliary

9th Prize: $50.00

Octavian Pechar - St. Bartholomew

10th Prize: $50.00

Msgr. Francis X Coyle Auxiliary

11th Prize: $50.00

Mary Ann Szymonowicz - St. Francis Cabrini


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