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Serving on the Nominating Committee is an honor and privilege. The job should be taken seriously by those asked to serve on the committee. It is the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to find the best candidate(s) to fill the position(s). You must be a Major Degree member to hold an office.

A member of the committee may become a Candidate for Office without resigning from the committee. The candidate should be asked to leave the room so the committee can discuss their qualifications and allow for additional names to be submitted for consideration without having any hurt feelings. The candidate may return to the room to vote.

After the committee has reached a decision, the Chairlady is responsible to contact each member for formal consent to place their name in nomination and inform them of the responsibilities of the Office.

All deliberations of the Nominating Committee must remain confidential and no information on the names of persons considered for the office or those who declined should ever be made public.

Should a member of the committee find it necessary to resign before the committee has completed its work, the member not need to be replaced unless the By-Laws make a provision for a replacement.

If a nominee withdraws before the election the committee can be reactivated. If the committee is unable to find a nominee for an office, it reports that the fact and nominations can be taken from the floor.

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