State President's May Message

I want to say congratulations again to our Honorees at our 4th Annual Charity Awards Luncheon: Social Welfare - Lisa Hummell, Humanity – Jessica Gibbons, and Family Unity - Carie Lynne McCay-Diaz, they are truly remarkable women and wonderful role models. To Carol Bohinski, chairlady and Mary Ann Sweet, co-chairlady, for all of your dedication and hard work that went into putting on this wonderful Charity Awards Luncheon, I want to say ‘Thank You’! Once again, you both have done an outstanding job of orchestrating this luncheon! ‘Thank You’, also, to Laura Labetti, chairlady and Joan Winant, co-chairlady, for organizing and overseeing the Charity Raffle. This was a huge success; all 8,000 tickets were sold! Congratulations!

I want to wish my sister Columbiettes who fulfill the role, whether actual or honorary of grandmother, mother, aunt, or godmother a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Hopefully everyone has sent in their reservations for our upcoming convention on June 21st – 23rd. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there!

May is the month of Mary, Our Blessed Mother. Pray and ask for her intersession and guidance each day.

Vicki Bird

State President

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