Let's Learn Together - April 2019

Did you know that….. Every Auxiliary should have a Board of Audit that consists of the Immediate Past President and two Major Degree members, appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Officers. The Immediate Past President shall be the Chairlady. They shall audit the accts. of the F/S and Treasurer at least every six months (in Jan. and no later than September) and give a report to the auxiliary.

The receipts that the F/S received from the Treas. should be checked with the Treas. bank deposit slips. Check the original bills received by the F/S with the vouchers to be sure the vouchers were correctly written. Check the vouchers with the checkbook seeing that the name on the voucher is the same and the check and voucher number correspond. Check to see that all deposits were recorded both in the check book and Treas. book. Be sure that the Bank statements have been reconciled and the balances correspond.

The members of the Board of Audit should initial the vouchers , receipts, bank statements, check book and ledger books of the F/S and Treasurer. Each part of the audit should be done by two members of the Board of Audit (one should read off the items and the other could check them off. The F/S and Treasurer should be present at the audit. If the books are in good order the F/S and Treas. should be complimented. If the books are not in good order the F/S and Treas. should privately be taken to the side to go over the problems. They should not be made to feel embarrassed or humiliated.

If an auxiliary has money in any special accts. or savings accts. these records should be audited too. Copies of the audit are given to the Board of Audit, President, Secretary (for permanent record) F/S and Treasurer.

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