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The Sentinel is responsible for preparing the meeting room for meetings and ceremonies. She is also responsible for all the ceremonial property that belongs to the Auxiliary.

Attends to the entrance of the Auxiliary’s meeting room. Inspects the travel cards of all its members before the meeting and during the meeting for late comers.

When the Sentinel is called upon by the President to check the travel cards, she first approaches the President’s station and shows her card to the President. The President then shows her card to the Sentinel and the Sentinel proceeds and first checks the Officers and then the member’s cards. If an assistant is appointed she too must first approach the President’s station. After checking the cards she reports to the Sentinel. The Sentinel reports to the President saying “All present are in possession of the current travel card or vouched for by the F/S.

Travel cards are checked for date, degree status and the fact that the card is properly signed by the Pres., F/S and the member herself.

If there is any voting at a meeting the Sentinel prepares a ballot box which is checked by the Pres. and V/P. She passes out ballot papers to all who wish to vote, keeping a tally of the number she has passed out.

If Dignitaries are present at the meeting, they should be escorted to the dais when requested by the President. Seats should be available in front of the meeting room to the side of the Officers.

The Sentinel does not check the Travel Cards of the Knights of Columbus. A member of the Knights should check the cards.

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