Let's Learn Together - February 2019

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The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the Auxiliary obtained from any source. At each monthly meeting the F/S shall pass on to the Treasurer all the monies she received along with a written receipt (the receipt must be signed by Treasurer and F/S ) specifying the funds they should be credited to. She should always retain the stub from the receipt.

All money deposits should be made at a Bank approved by the auxiliary. Deposits must be made within ten days business days of receiving such funds. The deposit receipt should be given to the President for reading at the next meeting.

The Treasurer should immediately pay any bills received from the Supreme Council. Payment to the Supreme Council shall be made by an auxiliary check or money order. No personal checks are permitted.

The Treasurer never writes a check without first receiving a voucher from the F/S. The voucher number must correspond with the number of the check to be written. The voucher must be signed by both the President and F/S. Be sure the checks are written legibly, have the required signatures on it and always compare the written figure with the numeric figure.

Each month the Treasurer will receive a statement from the bank listing all the written and cashed checks and all the deposits made during the previous month. Each entry on the statement should be crossed checked with the entries in the ledger to see that they correspond. On the reverse side of the statement you should balance your account. The balance in your ledger should agree with the appearing balance on the bank statement.

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