Let's Learn Together - December 2018

Did you know that…..

Your current Travel Card for 2019 should be signed by three people: your Auxiliary President, Fin. Secretary and yourself (as a member). Your ID# can also be found on the card. The card will also state if you are a First or Major Degree member.

A good Secretary comes to the meeting prepared. It is permissible to use a tape recorder for transcribing the minutes of a meeting and for no other purpose.

The minutes should contain mainly a record of what was done at the meeting and not what was said by the members. The minutes should not reflect the Secretary’s opinion on any topic or subject discussed.

The Secretary should request that anyone making a motion or wishing to speak, state her name so the correct name can be entered into the minutes.

Correspondence from Supreme and State should be read in it’s entirety (except the Supreme and State Newsletters.)

All main motions should contain the wording in which each motion was adopted or otherwise disposed of, or the disposition of the motion and lastly the names of the people making the motion and the result of the vote.

Committee reports should be attached to the minutes. Under the Good of the Order, the names and subject of the speaker can be given but no effort should be given to summarize their remarks.

The final paragraph should contain the hour of adjournment and the next meeting date. Minutes should be signed by the Secretary. Minutes should be secured in a notebook and kept for historical purposes for the lifetime of the auxiliary.

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