Let's Learn Together - November 2018

Did you know that….. Every President and Financial Secretary must supply the Supreme Council with an E/Mail address and password so they can enter the website.

Unless the Supreme Secretary is notified in writing, previous to the end of the year (12/31) of any suspensions, deaths and transfers,the Auxiliary will be charged Per Capita Tax for that member according the Supreme records.

The A-100 forms for new members must include the First Degree date in the box provided on the application. Tax time is coming up soon for many of our auxiliaries. These auxiliaries must remember to file their 990N Postcard which will cost them nothing . They must print out the last page of their filing for their auxiliary records.

Religious Members do not pay dues and Per Capita Tax is not charged for them.

Honorary Life and Life Membership Cards are automatically sent out by the Supreme Secretary. Life Members do not pay dues and Per Capita Tax is not charged for them.

Members of your auxiliary who are Honorary Life members must be included on your auxiliary’s membership list. Per Capita Tax will be charged for these members. Members who receive their Honorary Life Membership Cards (which are silver) must still pay their dues unless your auxiliary By-Laws specify other wise.

On the website. data changes can be made, supplies ordered and information about your auxiliary can be entered into the site.

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