Let's Learn Together - October 2018

Did you know that….. When presiding at the meeting the President stands at all times except when someone is reporting. When a report has been complete the President stands and asks for questions. You have better control of a meeting when you stand.

It is important to call the meeting to order on time. If the Chaplain is present, he should read the Opening and Closing Prayer.

Your officers should be wearing their jewels to their monthly Business Meetings, Chapter Meetings and whenever they are attending a Columbiette function. The jewels are the property of the auxiliary and not the individual person holding the title. All jewels should be returned to the President when you are stepping down from that position.

The books of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer should be audited twice a year(at least every six months) in January and no later than September. Once the audit is completed it should be read to the membership at the next meeting. A copy of the audit should be given to the Secretary for permanent record.

There are two types of committees: Standing Committees (those that are ongoing programs throughout the year) @ Membership, Catholic Action etc.. Special Committees (those set up for a specific purpose – when their work is finished, the committee is finished) @Fashion Show or Bus Trip.etc..

Before adjourning the meeting remember to ask if there is any further business.

Auxiliary By-Laws should be reviewed at least every other year to see if it is necessary to make any changes or additions to your By-Laws.

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