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Did you know that..... You should review your By-Laws at least every other year. An Amendment is changing a specific action or section of the By-Laws. A revision is a complete re- doing of the By-Laws. When preparing the change to the By-Laws, it is necessary to print the Article and Section as is currently in the Auxiliary By-Laws in its entirety. Then you must also print the Article and Section with the proposed change or changes in its entirety. The proposed revision or amendment is read at one meeting and then submitted in writing (via US Mail or E/Mail) to the entire membership. At the next meeting, after discussion and then a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, the revision or amendment can be passed.

If a resolution is submitted in the name of an Auxiliary, the resolution shall be certified under the signatures of the President and Secretary of the Auxiliary by which the resolution is presented as having been passed at the regular meeting of the auxiliary. Please include the exact date of the meeting on the document. The approved revision or amendment is sent in DUPLICATE to the Supreme Advocate for approval. Changes to the Auxiliary By-Laws do not go into effect until the document is signed and returned to the Auxiliary by the Supreme Advocate.

On the Chapter level, a proposed revision or amendment change to the By-Laws must be read at a meeting and then sent in writing (via US Mail or E/Mail) to the Chapter Officers, Delegates, Alternates and Past Chapter Presidents. (If your Chapter has the provision of allowing Past Presidents to vote).

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