Lets Learn Together - February

Did you know that….. If you have a change in Officers during the year, the Financial Secretary of the auxiliary must send into the Supreme Office a corrected copy of your auxiliary’s officers list to the Supreme Secretary so the Supreme records can be updated. According to our Supreme Constitution and By-Laws only Major Degree members are eligible to hold an office in their auxiliary. The amount for the Major Degree fee is set up by each Chapter for the Major Degree.

The Financial Secretary sends out the Major Degree notices and also makes sure that the B-200 Form is filled out in triplicate. If an ID number has been assigned to the member then this also must be included on the form. Please make sure all the requested information on the form is legible by typing or print it. The B-200 form is given to the District Deputy at or prior to the Major Degree and she draws a line through the names of the people who are not in attendance on all three copies. She is responsible for filing out and signing the bottom portion of all three copies of the B-200 forms. Any member making their Major Degree must be in possession of their current Travel Card.

On the day on the Major Degree, the District Deputy will give a copy of the form to the Chapter Financial Secretary who will then forward a copy to the Supreme Secretary. The District Deputy will also give one copy of the B-200 Form to the Auxiliary and retain once copy of the form for her own records.

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