Help Keep McKayla's Loved Ones Close!

Little McKayla Warder is waiting for something very, very important.

Born with just half a heart, McKayla has faced serious challenges all her seven years. Together with her family, she is waiting for a donor heart at the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto.

“Ronald McDonald House has been there for us, so we can be close when we need it most, and love each other up” as mom Rejeanne says.

As an infant, baby McKayla showed her “mightiness” as Rejeanne calls it. She made history in medical books as only the third child worldwide to prevail after an experimental surgery to stabilize her.

And now, waiting for the right moment for the transplant surgery is critical. When a donor heart becomes available, all has to be ready, and McKayla has to be within two hours of the hospital. This is why they are unable to return to their home—three and a half hours away. Thankfully, she and her family are able to await that special moment at the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto, just steps away from the hospital.

“We are so grateful to the people who donate and make this possible. I hope they know how important this is.”

Make a donation today to help families like McKayla’s stay together as their mighty children fight great battles.

With gratitude,

Your friends at RMHC

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