Lets Learn Together - January

Did you know that…..

The President, Past President and Vice President’s stations should have only solid blue, white and red station covers on it. There should be no lace or plastic coverings on these stations. Station covers can be purchased by placing an order through the Supreme Office.

The Statutes of the Blessed Mother, St. Theresa, the Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc should be displayed in the area of the President’s station.

For everyone’s safety only BATTERY OPERATED CANDLES should be used for the meetings, degrees and installations.

At the main table the Secretary is seated to the right of the President. The Treasurer and Financial Secretary are seated to the left of the President. The Sentinel is seated at the entrance of the meeting room. The Chaplain and District Deputy are also seated at the main table.

Jewels must be worn by all the Officers at the meeting. If an auxiliary has no jewels then the sashes should be worn along with the small crucifixes suspended from a one inch wide ribbon corresponding to the colors of the sashes. Sashes are to be worn from the right shoulder to the left hip.

The American Flag is placed to the right of the President’s station.

The Sentinel is responsible for checking the travel cards for each of her members. If a member doesn’t have her membership card, then only the Financial Secretary can vouch for her as she is the only one who knows if the member’s dues are paid up to date. The Sentinel is never to check the travel cards of the members of the Knights of Columbus.

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