State President November Message

State President November Message Halloween is past and Thanksgiving is fast approaching, in between these days are three important days. November 1st All Saints Day, November 2nd All Soul’s Day and November 11th Veterans Day. I had asked our Chaplain Fr. Bill for advice regarding what I should include in my message, he sent me a reflection that he had written and with his permission, I will share it with you. Father William J. Smith’s reflection: I thought it would be good to reflect upon the Catholic belief the Communion of Saints. Christ is the Head of the Church and all His people are joined together in Him. The Communion of Saints is that Christian belief where we form an assembly as a body of Christ. As we celebrate All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls’ Day (November 2nd), the Catholic belief in the Communion of Saints is easier to understand. For people of faith these two days are reminders of HOPE for us. All Saints Day celebrates those who have died that are in heaven but not recognized as saints officially. These people include members of our families, friends or people who have been examples of faith for us. All Souls’ Day celebrates those who have gone before us in faith but are not in heaven. For some reason unknown to us, they are not in the perfected state of the saints. They are in purgatory. The Church sets aside one day to remind us of our responsibility to pray for the Souls in purgatory throughout the year. HOPE is revealed to us as we reflect upon the Feasts of All Saints - the glory of the Church, and All Souls - may they rest in peace. Amen Let us remember and pray for all Veterans, who have served and sacrificed for our safety and freedoms here in the United States, especially on November 11th, Veterans Day. I want to wish all of my sister Columbiettes a very Happy Thanksgiving! May the Holy Family bless you and all of your families. Vicki

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