Dear Friend,

Meet Santi. Santi and his family have decided to give hugs to raise funds for RMHC.

When Santi was born, he was very weak and needed to stay in the hospital until he was strong enough to withstand heart surgery. His parents, Graciela and Jose, were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House nearby, so they wouldn’t have to return to their home, hours away from their sick son.

To give back to RMHC, the Acosta family is giving a hug for every donation they receive – so far, they have given 19 hugs! Giving hugs is the way they show their love and can give love to RMHC. Now, you can too!

We’d LOVE for you to do what you love and start a fundraiser to support RMHC. Raise Love #forRMHC.

No worries if hugging is not your thing. Jump rope, play chess or the trombone or run a mile every day and ask for a donation for each hop, minute played or mile run. Do WHATEVER you love to raise money to support RMHC Families.

Families travel far for care, spend each day by their sick children’s sides and share support and comfort with other families at Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide. Your fundraiser could give families the best medicine of all – each other.

The money raised would mean more love, laughter, and time together for these moms, dads, grandpas, nanas, and ever-so-brave children.

It’s easy to get started! Decide what you love to do (juggling perhaps?) and start a fundraiser. Set a Goal and invite your friends to support you. Take as many selfies and videos as you desire of your escapades and share your story. Have fun!

And, if we could ask just one more thing – please Spread the Word to your family and friends. Watch our video about the Acosta family, then share it and invite your friends to do the same. Your voice is a powerful way we will share the love that we believe makes RMHC so special.

With love and gratitude,

Your friends at RMHC

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