NJ Columbiettes: Legislation/Respect Life Newsletter October 2017

The Five "Marks" of a Catholic Family (condensed from Pope John Paul II RenewalCenter)

1. Catholic families worship together. We attend Sunday mass as a family and actively participate in parish life.

2. Catholic families pray together. We gather together for family prayer each day.

3.Catholic families are called to intimacy.As a family we seek to discover new ways to be open and loving to each other.

4.Catholic families put family first.We seek to cultivate and protect regular family rituals and activities, such as family dinner and prayer.

5.The Catholic family is a witness and Sign. We strive to exhibit our love of each other and God and to share this love with others through the practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Legislation: The NJ Pain Capable Child Protection Act (A 3452/S2026) has been introduced in the NJ

Legislature. This bill is modeled after

H.R.36, the Federal bill by the same name. Passing this bill is part of the 20/20 Project, an effort by pro-lifegroups in New Jersey. For more information visit www.Babiesinthewombfeelpain.com;www.njrtl.org Legislation page;and the 20/20 Project/Babies in the Womb Feel Pain.

Prayer: May Saint Michael,the patron saint of all police officers, guide them,protect them and enlighten them as they risk their lives on a daily basis so that our families may be safe.

Upcoming events and dates:

October 1,2017 (Sunday) - a Right to Life rally in the Newton Green, Newton, NJ, from 2:00 to 3:30. Come for all or part of the event to show your support. (Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus)

November 18,2017 (Saturday) - the annual Respect Life Mass by Bishop Serratelli at 1O:OOam in the newly restored Cathedral in Paterson. (Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus)

* Continue to pray for all those suffering from the effects of the recent hurricanes.

• Any articles, event notices, or legislative information for the newsletter can be sent to Susan Bodnar,Legislation/Respect Life Chairperson at sjjrbodn@ptd .net.

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